Anzea Copy Cow: Ongole | Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

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Anzea Copy Cow: Ongole

  • Pattern: Copy Cow
  • Colorway: Ongole
  • Content: 100% PVC (Polyvinyl) w/Polyester Knit Backing
  • Anti-Microbial/Anti-Bacterial
  • Construction: Polyester Backing
  • Width: 54"
  • Bleach Resistant: 1:10 Diluted Bleach Solution
  • Weight: 29oz per linear yard
  • Durability: 500,000+ double rubs

100% super durable snow white vinyl. Natural leather-like texture. Perfect for hight traffic areas like a kitchen banquet. This is a fantastic leather alternative at a fraction of the price.


Modern Fabrics $ Per Yard: $16


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Color White
brand Anzea
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