Camira Blazer Lite: Hush Wool Felt | Wool Upholstery & Pillow Fabric

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39 yards

Camira Blazer Lite: Hush Wool Felt

  • Pattern: Blazer Lite
  • Colorway: Hush
  • Content: 100% Virgin Wool. Non metallic dyestuffs
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Width: 66"
  • Environmental info: Renewable and Compostable
  • Weight: 10.5 oz per square yard
  • Cleaning: Water-based cleaning agent or solvent: Depending on the stain, you can use a dry-cleaning solvent, the foam of a mild detergent, or upholstery shampoo.
  • Durability: Upholstery and wall pannels. 


This fabric is a nice neutral blue-green 100% heather felt. It has acrylic backing making it stronger and better choice for upholstery.  It's extra wide for bigger coverage.

Modern Fabrics $ Per Yard: $27


In my own words, I really love Camira fabrics. We pretty much exclusively carry Camira wools which are equal in quality to anything Maharam makes in my opinion. From what I understand Camira is a weaver, therefore they are able to keep their prices lower then other wool fabric distributors. I love the Camira solid wools, but i especially LOVE their woven wools that have a design incorporated in it, always stunning and amazing. This is what they say about themselves

We make fabrics for spaces and places, from offices to schools, trains to buses, and shops to hospitals. Our fabrics are used in a vast array of commercial interiors, education, healthcare, retail, and for passenger transport on bus, coach and rail. We make over 8 million metres of fabric a year, in the UK and in Lithuania, so you’re sure to have touched upon our fabrics either at work, at play or on the move. We spin and dye yarn, grow bast fibre crops to blend with wool, and weave on over 100 dobby, jacquard and plush looms to create beautiful fabrics which bring colour, design and personality to interior schemes. See and read more at


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Color Blue
brand Camira
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