Carroll Leather Gobi: Hippie Sheepskin | Upholstery Pillow Leather

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Each hide is approximately 23" x 46"  = $199 per hide.

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One hide is equivalent to approx. 1/2 yards of fabric.
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Carroll Leather

  • Style: Gobi
  • Colorway: Hippie Sheepskin  
  • Content: 100% Tibetan Sheepskin
  • Origin: Made in Tibet 
  • Size: 23" x 46"  (SOLD BY THE HIDE)
  • Avg. legth of sheep hair: 4" to 5"
  • Durability: Upholstery, rugs and draping over sofas and chairs, purses, pillows, dog beds.

  • Attend to spills and stains as quickly as possible with spot cleaning

  • Tibetan fur can benefit greatly from brushing with a wire pet brush (pet slicker pad). Brushing with a wire wool comb helps to restore the fluffy appearance and natural “loft” of the fibers.

  • Regular vacuuming with a plain suction vacuum cleaner will help to maintain wool fibers as well. Do NOT use turbo or revolving brush vacuum cleaners as they can damage the wool fiber and cause frizz

Hippie is like no other sheepskin you have ever seen, it's just like the name - long and hippie. like an aging gray haired hippie! I LOVE IT!

Add texture to your interior with this stunning sheepskin from Carroll Leather.  Luxuriously soft and fluffy this sheepskin is perfect for upholstery, rugs and draping over sofas and chairs.  The super long straight wool is entirely unique to this species and creates an inviting look. These hides are small - 23" x 46" so don't be surprised. Due to it's uniqueness and rearity no samples are available, so you will just have to trust us that these little hides are worth it. It's like getting the most amazing and soft kitty kat in the mail, one that doesn't scrach or bite. I have been petting these hides since we got them, and I have kept a few for us! This colorway is off-white, it makes me think of Khaleesi on Game of Thrones. 

Modern Fabrics $ Per 23" x 46" hide: $199.00
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