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Modern Fabrics Price Per Yard: $200.00
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Now Selling Fabric and Vinyl By The Pallet

We LOVE fabric, and we hate seeing any of it go to waste, but we also don't have the time or resources to process ALL of it.
If you are interested in buying fabric or vinyl in bulk here is your chance. We are now selling fabric we are not able to process for less than $1/per yard. Please read below if you are interested in purchasing fabric in bulk, and give us a call with any quastions: 704 740 9676.

• Approximately 70 rolls per pallet.

• Approximately 200+ yards per pallet.

• Each roll measures 1 yard to 5 yards or more.

• Some smaller rolls might be included.

• All fabric/vinyl comes on rolls.

• The fabric is not measured or inspected. All fabric sold AS IS.

• Pallets start at $200 depending on quality and sizes of rolls of fabric/vinyl

• Fabric/vinyl is sold by-the pallet only

IMPORTANT: We will NOT ship this fabric, you must arrange pick up from our warehouse near Charlotte, NC

• ALL commercial grade fabric pallet
• ALL residential grade fabric pallet
• All vinyl pallet
• Mixed pallet
• Felt only pallet (one available, priced upon request)
• Commercial Mid-Centry modern short ends (one available, priced upon request)

Call for details: 704 740 9676

Fabric Short Ends : By The Pallet

Fabric Short Ends : By The Pallet

Fabric Short Ends : By The Pallet

Modern Fabrics $ Starts at $300 Per Pallet