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At this time we are making a limited amount of boxes. We will ship for as long as we have actual boxes to ship in OR for as long as we can get them out. This is a one-woman operation, so we are not putting anyone at risk of exposure to the virus. 

Included in Each Keep Calm + Get Creative Box:

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  • 2 pieces of fabric (each 1 yard or larger)
    great for upholstery and pillows

  • 1 pound of leather remnants
    try bookmaking, jewlery, wallets, purses, crafts

  • 4 large leather squares 10" x 8" each
    great for bookmaking, jewlery, wallets, purses, crafts

  • 2 small leather squares 6" x 6" each
    I would make coasters, jewlery, wallets, purses, crafts

  • 2 yards of trim
    add some flare to pillows, purses, crafts

  • 3/4 yard of colorful felt
    no fray upholstery, pillows, purses, jewlery, crafts, anything!

  • 3 large fabric samples 10" x 8" each
    get creative coasters, jewlery, wallets, purses, crafts




The only silver lining to the Covid-19 time is that you might find yourself with a little more time to get creative, let us help by sending you a box of goodies that were saved from the waste-stream!

The contents of each box is custom designed by the owner of Modern Fabrics, Ewa Powell. I will try to coordinate the colors and textures of each box OR you can give me a short description of what you like in the comment section at checkout. Some popular choices include: 


  • Entertain my kids, mix of great textures and surprises
  • Mid Century Lover, geometrics & wools
  • Traditional, give me florals, velvets & stripes
  • Wool + Felt Lover, also great for kids
  • Jewlery maker, I can work with lots of small pieces
  • Purse maker, Mix it up!
  • I am a Designer, impress me!



When you are done with your projects please tag us on social media or e mail us some pics!

Looking for something special? we are here to help. [email protected] or 704 740 9676

PHOTO CREDIT: Purses and bow tie made with our leather and fabric by Nana By Sally and available on Nana by Sally



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