Luum Digi Tweed : Crag | Chunky Upholstery & Pillow Fabric

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Luum Digi Tweed  : Crag 

  • Pattern:  Digi Tweed 
  • Colorway: Crag
  • Designer: Suzanne Tick
  • Content: 55% Recycled Polyester (Postconsumer) + 45% Polyester
  • Backing: Acrylic
  • Finish: Stain Repellent
  • Origin: USA
  • Width: 54"
  • Weight: 19.6oz per linear yard
  • Durability: 100,000+ double rubs

Digi Tweed is a hyper-textural multi-purpose product that is a direct coordinate to Heather Tech. The irregular texture and expansive palette speaks to the need for interior spaces to reflect the natural world. The exaggerated texture and tonal coloration offers designers an opportunity to explore visual dualities through the use of contrasting surfaces. Digi Tweed’s palette draws inspiration from honest and natural materials.


If you know Maharam Merit, this fabric is a deadringer for it. Nice texture, neutral feel. The color is that perfect lighter and warmer gray that will pretty much match anything now and in the future. I would suggest this for any couch or set of chairs or both while yardage lasts. Nice texture, but nothing super chunky. Fantastic price. More info can be found on the LUUM site



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