Sina Pearson
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Sina Pearson

  1. Sina Pearson Destinations : California Orange
    Sina Pearson Destinations: California Orange | Upholstery Fabric
    Item Number : 988
    Available Yardage: 8
    Special Price $28.00 Regular Price $71.00
  2. Sina Pearson Minnow 176-62 : Blue Lake
    Sina Pearson Minnow: Blue Lake | Upholstery and Pillow Fabric
    Item Number : 176-62
    Available Yardage: 39
    Special Price $24.00 Regular Price $62.00
  3. Sina Pearson Bounce 255-81 : Ivory Multi
    Sina Pearson Bounce: Ivory Multi | Upholstery Drapery and Pillow Fabric
    Item Number : 255-81
    Available Yardage: 90
    Special Price $24.00 Regular Price $155.00
  4. Sina Pearson Bounce 255-28 : Red Multi
    Sina Pearson Bounce: Red Multi | Wool Upholstery Drapery & Pillow Fabric
    Item Number : 255-28
    Available Yardage: 23
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $155.00
  5. Sina Pearson Folklore  09182083 455 87 : Abyss
    Sina Pearson Folklore: Abyss | Graphic Upholstery & Pillow Fabric
    Item Number : 09182083-455-87
    Available Yardage: 4
    Special Price $38.00 Regular Price $108.00
  6. Sina Pearson Reindeer 227 : Soft Fawn
    Sina Pearson Reindeer: Soft Fawn | Wool Upholstery & Pillow Fabric
    Item Number : 227
    Available Yardage: 0
    Special Price $29.00 Regular Price $88.00
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Sina Pearson textures are nice to the touch and use a lot of natural fibers. Designs tend to be solid, stripe or small scale geometric. They offer great durability and value, perfect for any interior from modern to mid century MCM.
Sina Pearson textiles sells under the Momentum Textiles brand. This is what Momentum writes about her: "Sina Pearson is a visionary textile designer and entrepreneur who, for more than four decades, set industry standards for sophistication and technical innovation. Sina is celebrated for her exuberant color palette, complex textures and lively, accessible patterns that gracefully complement one another."